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Wild Life

History of the Arkansas Deer Population

deer-1Deer management in Arkansas began in 1916, a legislative act established a hunting season for deer, turkey and bear that lasted Nov. 11- Jan. 10. 

At that time the statewide deer population was about 2,000. 

In 1994 the responsibility was given to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to control and regulate the deer population. During the late 1990’s the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission  implemented additional deer hunting restrictions, increased research efforts and developed the “Deer Management Assistance Program” to help landowners provide better habitat and management on private land.

The comeback of the white-tailed deer is one of the most successful conservation efforts in history.

Today’s deer herd is estimated to be near 1 million animals.

Watching them from a distance is an amazing thing to see. How unique and fascinating to watch Mother Nature in action. Pictured are a Momma and her two fawns named Chit & Chat that wander into camp on a regular basis.